Meet Your H.O.G Executive!

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A great way to immerse yourself into that Harley® lifestyle is by joining the Harley Owners Group®! Take the time to get to know a little bit about the folks who help to organize those rides, plan those events, and support the H-D® community in any way they can! Check 'em out below!

Chapter Director - Robyn Lafreniere

Introducing your H.O.G.® Chapter #9004 Director; Robyn! Robyn has been riding motorcycles for the past 9 years and is the proud owner of her 2022 Heritage® Classic she's named Lucy as well as her first Harley®; a 2010 Sportster®  1200. Her favorite local riding routes are the Port aux Port Peninsula and Gros Morne for it's "beautiful scenic twisty turny ride".

Robyn has been a member of H.O.G.® for the past 8 years, 6 of which she has served on the executive. She was introduced to the H.O.G.® simply by attending her first meeting one night - talk about diving in!

"I would say my favorite memory of Harley-Davidson® and H.O.G.® was spending a week in Milwaukee, enjoying bike night there, spending two days at the museum and taking in the City Rally that was there on the weekend. The museum is Harley® history at it’s best. You get lost in the whole surrounding of bikes and the stories behind them. The best part of this whole trip was getting introduced to Bill Davidson on my birthday….now that was special. I also can’t forget to add riding the Cabot Trail for the first time. If anyone has done this trail... they know why. It’s one of the most beautiful rides in Atlantic Canada."

"The Harley-Davidson® brand is being part of a large bike family. You will never be stuck for a conversation if you own a Harley® or any other bike for that matter. The H.O.G.® brand is a unity of like minded people who enjoy the same love of riding and enjoy making new friends and acquaintances. I have met and have had some great trips with Harley® owners."

"For any new Harley® owner who is also a new rider, my advice would be to respect your ride. Enjoy your bike and ride to your limitations. Every year you become a stronger rider, it doesn’t happen overnight... if you're looking to ride with people... H.O.G.® is there for you to join."

"Being part of the Harley Owners Group® is a great way to meet others who enjoy the love of  the Harley-Davidson® Brand. We socialize all throughout the year, not just riding season. For people purchasing new bikes this year, your National Membership is free. Reach out to us if you’d like to join!" - Chapter Director; Robyn Lafreniere

Assistant Director - Lisa Crane

Meet Lisa, your Assistant Director! Lisa has been a member of the Harley Owners Group® since 2016 when her husband Steve introduced her to the group, and she's been serving on the executive in some way shape or form ever since; first as Editor, then Secretary and now A.D! Lisa first started out on two wheels on dirt bikes as a teenager, but rekindled her love for the road when she bought her first motorcycle, a Harley-Davidson® Sportster™ 883. Since then, she's been the proud owner of 3 other Harley-Davidson® motorcycles; a Dyna Softail™, a Street Glide™ Special, and now her 2021 Heritage Softail™; Tiggy!

"I’ve made so many great memories since joining this group, but a stand-out has to be the trip to Milwaukee that Steve and I did in 2022. Just to be there in the city where this all began and tour the museum: it makes you realize that you’re part of a worldwide community of Harley-Davidson® enthusiasts that love the bike and the brand, and that’s a pretty special feeling."

"You know, before Steve and I got our Harley®s, I used to (half-jokingly!) say that being a Harley® owner was like being in a cult: there’s all the clothes and the swag that seem to go along with it.  And now I’m the biggest cult member ever! You come to my house, you get tea in a Harley® mug, or things served on Harley-Davidson® platters. We have H-D® light switch covers, garden flags, mirrors, glassware, jewelry, rugs, etc., etc. I love being out and seeing someone else in a Harley® shirt or jacket or whatever - you immediately feel a connection with someone, all because of that bar and shield.  It’s a very cool thing!  Any other motorcycle is just a bike, but a Harley-Davidson® is a lifestyle!'

'My advice to new Harley® owners is to definitely get involved with your local H.O.G.® chapter! It honestly changed our lives and we’ve made amazing friends. And there’s always someone to ride with, so it adds the whole social aspect to owning a Harley®!"

Activities Officer - Patrick Lafreniere

Meet your Activities Officer, Patrick! Patrick has been riding motorcycles since 1993 and is the current owner of a Harley-Davidson® Road Glide™ Ltd. and his favorite local route is the Port aux Port Peninsula!

Patrick became a member of H.O.G.® in 2014 stating "I knew about H.O.G.® when I got into Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, so I decided to join"!

"My favorite memory so far about Harley-Davidson® is actually meeting a Davidson descendent of Willie G at the H-D® museum. Favorite memory of H.O.G.®: I create them all the time with the rest of the Chapter".

"Favorite thing about the brand is the breadth of the brand.  From the bike, to motor-clothes, to accessories and memorabilia. My favorite thing about H.O.G.® is meeting people all the time and creating memories".

"My advice to new Harley® owners is to support your dealer because one day, you'll need their support and they will be happy to help you in time of need.  Secondly,  join your local H.O.G.® Chapter.  Grow the riding experience, and social circle."

"You often see posts online that say something to the effect of ‘It’s amazing how many people I would never have met if it wasn’t for the fact that we ride the same motorcycles’ and that’s so true! When I think of the wonderful circle of friends I have, I can’t help but think that I would not know them otherwise. They’re from different backgrounds, age groups, professions, etc., but they’ve all had a huge impact on my life and I’m lucky to know them." - Assistant Director; Lisa Crane

Secretary - Arlene Scott

Arlene is your H.O.G.® Chapter #9004 Secretary! Arlene has been riding motorcycles for the past 4 years, and has been a H.O.G.® member for 3 of them after being introduced to it by the folks here at the shop and her (now) fellow H.O.G.® members. She is currently the owner of a Can Am™ Ryker 900 Sport but prior to that, riding a Harley® Sportster™ 1200. Due to some health challenges, she's now on 3 wheels but as she says: "still love riding and the wind in my face". Her favorite local ride is the Irish Loop with a quick spin through her hometown of Petty Harbour!

"Harley® is a family and the H.O.G.® quickly becomes a very important part of your life. My husband and I have been made to feel very welcome and we’ve made many amazing friends who we care about very deeply. These folks came into our life during a very rough period as I had recently been diagnosed with cancer and had to face the realization that life is precious and the at we need to enjoy every day to the fullest. My H.O.G.® brothers and sisters welcomed me… The little lady on 3 non-Harley® wheels… With open arms and open hearts. They’ve brightened my days and made me laugh when I wanted to cry. Today, I’m healthy, happy, and so thankful for my family at RRHD™ and in our H.O.G.® ♥️"

"There have been so many amazing memories from awesome rides to fabulous socials it’s hard to choose just one!"

"My advice to new Harley owners is to avail of all opportunities to get to know the folks at RRHD™ and your local H.O.G.® Chapter!"

Membership Officer & Road Captain - Neil Butler

Hey everyone, meet Neil! Neil has been riding motorcycles for 40 whole years and is currently the owner of a 2021 Harley-Davidson® Ultra™. His favorite local riding routes are the Irish Loop and Gros Morne! 

Neil has been a member of the Harley Owners Group® for the past 10 years after he was introduced to the group by a friend. Did you know Neil is an airbrush artist? Throughout his time in the Harley Owners Group®, Neil has helped to promote the group by creating banners, flyers and the like, by honing his graphic art skills! 

"My favorite thing about Harley-Davidson® and H.O.G.® is the lifestyle, meeting like minded people".

"My advice for a new Harley® owner is: Keep your bike clean, and get your service done at the dealer, they know what to look for'.

"Being a part of H.O.G.® is something that will always be a part of me that I will cherish. They have seen me at my worst and at my best. H.O.G.® is my extended family." - Editor; Anthony Hobbs

Photographer/Media - Derek Scott

Everyone say hello to Derek! Derek is the Photographer & Social Media Coordinator for Chapter #9004. He's been riding motorcycles for the past 5 years and has been a member of the Harley Owners Group® for 3! He is the proud owner of a 2021 Heritage Softail™ 114 and his favorite local riding route goes from Petty Harbour to Downtown St. John's to Signal Hill to Marine Drive - so much gorgeous Newfoundland scenery in one route!

Derek was introduced to the Harley Owners Group® first when he bought his Harley® from the dealership, but became truly involved after he met fellow H.O.G.® member - Steve Crane, one day at Rugged Rock™. "In my first year of membership I did not actively participate in the local H.O.G.® chapter, but meeting Steve at RRHD™ one day when he introduced himself was the ice breaker that was needed."

His favorite thing about the brand?: "Owning a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle or even an authentic article of H-D® clothing or riding gear is like being part of a long history of iconic brand integrity that you can be proud to be a part of. The H.O.G.® consists and unites members of all walks of life as friends with one simple passion for riding their Harley-Davidson® motorcycles."

Derek's advice for new Harley® owners is simple: "Get on that motorcycle and ride it, upgrade it, maintain it, love it, stay safe with it, and engage with your local H.O.G.® Chapter and dealer. " - and we couldn't agree more.

You'll likely find Derek hanging out at events or rides, snapping the coolest photos! If you see him around, say hello and strike a pose!

Editor - Anthony Hobbs

Meet H.O.G.® Chapter #9004's Editor, Anthony! He's been riding motorcycles for over 35 years and has been a member of the Harley Owners Group® for 3, joining after he bought his first Harley®! He is the proud owner of a Softail™ Standard and his favorite local riding route is the Baccalieu Trail and his favorite memory since joining H.O.G.® was the 2022 Beau Bois Rally!

His favorite things about Harley-Davidson® and the Harley Owners Group® are the perks that come with it: "Meeting like minded folks and enjoying the comradery that goes along with it." 

What is Anthony's advice for new Harley® riders you might ask? "Embrace the feeling that goes with it. Take advantage of all that will come your way on the journeys that you make." - Way to capture the spirit of the ride Anthony!