Get to Know Us!

Allyson Rugged Rock

Sean LeFresne

Sean has been our General Manager here at Rugged Rock® for the past 14 years, so if you haven't met him yet, where have ya been?! 

Sean started his journey on two wheels when he was only 8 years old on a 1982 Kawasaki™ 175 but with a lifelong passion to the brand, he found himself on his very first Harley® by the age of 20 years old. Sean's current ride is a 1995 Softail Custom and it's his dream bike as far as he's concerned. 

Sean's love for the brand comes from the people he's met and the passion for Harley®, which he got to experience for himself on his trip to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.

You can usually find Sean in his office (where he keeps the Softail!) keeping busy with phone calls, meetings, and email, or out on the sales floor chatting with some of the amazing customers he's met over the years. Next time you're in, swing by and say hi!

Rick Jewison

Rick has been our Fixed Operations Manager at Rugged Rock® for the past 5 years! He takes care of the service department and makes sure you folks get your bikes back in tip top shape! 

Rick first got involved in Harley-Davidson®'s when he became a motorcycle technician 40 years ago and then switched gears to become a Harley® tech 10 years later. 

Rick's dream bike is an Evo Dyna Low Rider and says his dream trip would be to travel through the Rocky Mountains someday.

You can usually find Rick in his office keeping busy, or out back, chatting service matters with the techs. If you ever see him around, don't hesitate to say hello!

Allyson LeFresne

Allyson has been working at Rugged Rock® for the past 3 years starting off as a General Merchandise Associate, and now serving as our Marketing Manager! Ally is currently the proud owner of her 2023 Softail™ Standard and when she's not here working, you can usually find her out cruising around town, racking up the miles. 

"Being involved with Harley® in some shape or form was due to happen eventually. I think it’s basically in my blood. I’ve been around bikes essentially since I could walk because of my dad; Sean, and it’s something I really love just being around." 

Ally is a firm believer in the community that Harley-Davidson® creates and the culture that creates bonds between friends and family alike. "Friends and family play such a huge role in what the brand means to me. My dad rides a Harley®, my mom rode a Harley®, my grandfather rode a Harley®, my friends ride Harleys®, and I ride a Harley®. How much better does it get than that?"

You'll likely find Ally out snapping pics of the bikes, hanging up posters, and photographing events, so if you ever see her out and about, say hey!

Allen Miller

Allen is our Parts Manager here at Rugged Rock®. Allen has been with us for 5 years, working also as a technician for several years! Allen is super knowledgeable about all things Harley-Davidson®. He's a wealth of know-how and he'll certainly tell 'ya how it is.

Allen describes his intro to Harley-Davidson® motorcycles as a simple journey: "I bought a Harley®, and  I work here, and that's pretty much how it happened". Which is what's led him to his current set of wheels: a blacked-out Road Glide™.

You can usually find Allen behind the Parts counter or keeping busy out back placing orders, shipping, receiving, drinking a coffee. He's busy, busy, busy but if you've ever got a burning question that might just stump the most of us, he's here to help!

Brian Butler

We'll introduce him anyways, even though you probably already know him! Brian... ahem... we mean... Bono, has been with us for 13 whole years and he is currently serving as our Sales & Finance Manager. He first started out as our General Merchandise Manager here at the shop, and now he's wheelin' and dealin' all your H-D® cycles!

He's got a huge personality here at Rugged Rock® so you've probably seen him modelling some new clothes, starring in promo videos, or just chatting it up with customers and friends out in the showroom!

Bono is currently the proud owner of a super-bright-orange Street Glide™ which you'll often spot him on down to Smuggler's Cove for the Route 210 Run and other such events! If you see him out and about, don't be shy, say hello!

Ange LeFresne

So many of you already know Ange, so much that we hardly need to introduce her! Ange has been the smiling face that's greeted you at the front kiosk for the past 13 years! She's our General Merchandise Manager and she's your lady for all things H-D® clothing. 

Ange doesn't ride her own motorcycle, but says riding on the back as a passenger is "even better" because she loves to "be nosy, and look at peoples gardens"! 

She was first introduced to the H-D® brand by her husband; the shops General Manager, Sean, and she says she has made so many memories since then though her favorite was the Tail of the Dragon they rode together a few years ago. 

"We were riding and there was a guy behind us on a Softail. The road had some really tight turns and a lot of them, 318 curves in 11 miles actually. The guy behind us approached us afterwards and complimented Sean that it was some of the best riding he’d seen. All while towing a trailer and with a passenger. We were taking the turns that tight, the floorboards were scraping. It was a very cool experience."

You'll usually see Ange behind the front kiosk, greeting you with a smile and a conversation as you walk through the doors, or helping to fit you out in the latest new styles. Drop by to say hello, and don't be shy cause she's certainly not!

Russ Porter

Russ (or Rusty as some of us call him!) has been working as a Parts Advisor at Rugged Rock® for almost 4 years! Russ is currently the proud owner of a 2021 Road Glide® Ltd. which he claims as his dream bike. 

His very first motorcycle was a 1988 Honda™ Shadow 800 but he later converted to H-D® when friends introduced him to the brand. 

"Gosh, I can’t narrow it down to one thing. I like the style, the power, the feel, the sound. It’s just Harley. That’s all I can say." - that's how Russ describes his favorite thing about the Harley-Davidson® brand, and we must say, we've got to agree.

You can find Russ to the farthest right of the Parts counter where he spends his time searching up your parts kits, ringing in your tires and oil, and sharing the BEST baked goodies with the rest of the staff!

Paul Ford

Paul is our Senior Technician here at Rugged Rock after 14 years of service at the company! He's always busy tinkering away at his ramp, getting your ride ready to hit the open road. 

You can find Paul on the ramp to the farthest right, sippin' on a coffee while he works, and waving hello to every employee as they walk in to start their day!

Paul is a super friendly face on our team, always up for a chat in the lunch room, or sharing a laugh. You might not get to see Paul very often but if you do, say hi!

Ken Roberts

Ken has been a Parts Advisor here at Rugged Rock® since 2019, which is also the year he bought his 2019 Ultra™ Ltd! The first motorcycle he ever owned was a 1982 Honda™ CT-110 but he says his dream bike would be a pre-50's Harley-Davidson®, ya know, Ol' Skool. 

Ken first became involved in the Harley-Davidson® lifestyle through the Children’s Wish Foundation. Harley-Davidson® USA is a big supporter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association which is a condition Ken's son lives with so, that really got him interested in the brand for everything they did. 

Ken is not hard to find in our shop! Just look for the tallest guy, with the biggest beard, and you've found your guy! Stop by and say hello to Ken next time you drop by!

Frank Kelly

Hey everyone, meet Frank! Frank has been working at Rugged Rock® for 3 awesome years, beginning as a Service writer and now working in Sales & Finance! 

Frank's very first motorcycle was a Harley-Davidson® Sportster® Iron 883 which he got involved with through friends who rode.

Since Frank has started working here, he says his favorite thing about Harley-Davidson® is the loyalty that he sees with customers new and old. His dream trip would be to visit the Harley-Davidson® and Wheels Through Time Museums to get to see the history of the brand and culture!

Looking for a new ride? Frank's your guy! He's new to the Sales team but he's one of the friendliest faces in our shop! Drop by and see him for all your H-D® motorcycle needs!

Jeff Thistle

Meet Jeff! Jeff has been with us for the past 3 years behind our Parts counter although we've known Jeff forever! Jeff has made his mark at Rugged Rock® with his talk-to-everybody, super energetic personality, we're sure you've stopped him for a yarn! 

Jeff has been on two wheels most of his life, starting out on a Honda™ Nighthawk 750, but you can now find him cruisin' through town on his 2008 Ultra™ Classic. Jeff was introduced to Harley® by his dad so, as he says: "it's in the blood". 

You can usually find Jeff talking with customers and friends alike on the Parts counter, and although you might not see him at first, you'll definitely hear him! For all your P&A needs, Jeff has got you covered.

Lena Ackerman

Lena is one of the newest faces here at Rugged Rock but she's certainly taken no time in becoming part of the fam. Lena started as a General Merchandise associate here at the shop in May 2023 and many of you have gotten to meet her in the past year! 

Lena is best known for her super sweet, super bubbly personality and her super helpful nature. Her favorite thing about Harley-Davidson is the people. She looks forward to meeting new people all the time, especially tourists from different locations worldwide! 

Lena doesn't currently own a motorcycle but she enjoys the #passengerlife and says she would love to make a trip to the U.S. in the coming years!

You can usually find Lena buzzing around the showroom, helping out with sizing, ringing in your clothing purchases and chatting Merch with customers! If you haven't met her yet, what's stoppin' ya? Drop by!

Brian Hiscock

Brian has been working here at the shop for 2 years now and whether you've dropped a bike off for a regular ol' oil change or some major rebuilds, you've met him at least once! Brian started out in our Wash Bay and is now our Service Writer!

Brian is a super helpful employee and no matter how big or small your problem is, Brian is super willing to work to get you the best outcome possible! 

Brian is currently the owner of his very first motorcycle; a 2000 R6 but would love to customize a Softail some day and call it his own. His favorite thing about the brand is the limitless customization of every motorcycle!

Brian is usually found moving bikes in the lot or working behind the service counter booking in those appointments! Any time you need any work big or small, Brian will get that appointment rolling, so drop by for a chat!

Basil Codner

Basil is our do-it-all guy here at Rugged Rock®. There is no job too big or too small for him! Bas wears many hats here at the shop delivering bikes, booking service appointments, crating and uncrating bikes, fix-it jobs, snow clearing, and cooking up a delicious fish fry for staff lunch every now and then (and we're probably still missing some things)!

Basil has been with us for 14 great years, and we wouldn't have it any other way! He's got a crazy awesome work ethic and he's always there when you need a helping hand.

Bas is a busy man, but you may get the chance to say hi if you're swinging by service, booking in an appointment, or having your motorcycle delivered!

Alex White

Introducing Alex! Many of you may not have met Alex yet but that's just because he's super busy getting your bike ready for the road ahead! 

Alex is a Certified Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Tech here at Rugged Rock and you can usually find him out back workin' on bikes, and takin' test runs to ensure his quality work.

Alex is also the owner of his super-cool customized H-D Softail which you'll find in the lot probably the most out of all the staff bikes! Alex is super passionate about the ride and it's no sweat to see him rippin' to and from work in the rain or the shine!

Neil Dunne

Neil is another face you may not have met yet! He is another H-D Certified Motorcycle Tech here at Rugged Rock and it's been a great pleasure to have him here! Neil is busy, busy, busy, just like our other techs, and he totally brings the chillest, friendliest vibes to work!

You can usually find Neil working away on your wheels out back on the far left ramp, and jammin' out to some shop tunes while he does it. 

Neil's got some great motorcycle know-how and he's a wiz with all things H-D! If you ever get the chance to say hi, totally do!